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- (1.3.2013) Spyweirdos

- (8.2.2013) Αντώνης Λιβιεράτος, Σόλης Μπαρκί, Βανέσα Σπινάσα



Jorge Konou, Milkmen In Black, aris, Τhe CooCoo-Pops, Tanasys, filtig, μέλοτρον, aggeloskkonou1, KristoF, Αργύρης Μ, procteaux & monsieur zaff, Trif, Efi Ch., framework, fragile balloon, apo, A & E , HeavenlyFish, Defective by Default, SofiK, lalalia, Νικόλας Κ, john konou, Savvas P., dimhet, Sib Radio Gowanus, stonedreamer, rodi, VeridisQuo aka taso dot K, Pseudology, Agis Spieluhr & Jim Holmes, Jonsy Kass, Popscure, Αστυ Τεκ, Fo, No ceiling, ihatered a.k.a blackdisa, moremars, Fun with Nuns, that guy Jim Doyle, granny records, voyagero, tylers music box, psyche, flea


about cooradio

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.
Cooradio is above all music. It is an idea... that matured in time and we would like to believe that it came through on its most creative moment. A big group of people is daily in front of computers and microphones, offering the juiciest sounds of today and loved tunes from the past.

The road is long from alternation to experimentation, so Cooradio on a daily basis will lay music marathons for the pleasure of your ears. We would like to thank in advance these ears for honoring us with audition.

Cooradio is every listener, every producer, Cooradio is you and me.

Stay tuned!

*Cooradio is part of the Cooproject

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- filtig

"la la la "

filtig is member of Cooradio's team

mini bio

fil does thematic shows with a completely different idea and style of music each time, ranging from childish electronica to satanic death metal.

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